Why do some teams perform better than others? Faced with the same task, what are the elements that make one team function and deliver extraordinarily, whereas another team struggles, wastes time and obtains only mediocre results?

It is all about behaviors; individual and collective ones that have to come into play at the right time and in the right amounts and proportions, in order to create the perfect environment for a group to thrive.

If we could identify and objectively measure these behavioral variables, we would be able not only to predict a team ́s performance, but also to re-configure existing teams in such ways that we optimize their outputs. It would enable us to specifically recruit individuals with certain characteristics lacking in our current teams and to better match people to roles. And it may come in extremely handy when undergoing large recruiting campaigns with the purpose of forming new teams, and assessing their composition and size. Ultimately we could increase the impact of HR Policies and The Company ́s added value.

If want to identify what behaviors to promote to make your teams more agile, we navigate you through creating dynamic and cross-functional teams, drawing on the scientific knowledge of our behavioral research team to solve your project management issues.

“If you want identify and objectively measure, you need a behavioral agile plan"

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