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Hiring honest people we can trust: a critical factor for business success in the new age.

The success of human resources departments will depend on how they adapt in the future to an increasingly changing environment. The highly skilled workforce will work in an increasingly virtual environment. Services will be offered in increasingly changing environments and the control by company managers of the worker-client relationship is lower. Globalization has led to the disappearance of morning meetings in the office before visiting clients and has given way to a lesser face-to-face relationship between workers and their bosses. The use of freelance who allows the scalability of business models has meant that control over the activities sold is different from traditional models. It makes it increasingly necessary to hire honest workers we can trust.

Traditional personnel selection processes survive over time even though tests such as gaming and analysis of real decision-making have been incorporated. These new tasks sometimes complement and sometimes replace the traditional personality tests, psychometric tests that measure intelligence or group dynamics. In one way or another, personality traits and skills continue to be measured, which are very useful for the correct selection of a company’s personnel.

Within the traditional tests little or no importance has been given to measuring the (dis)honesty of candidates for a job. Possibly one of the causes was the difficulty of measuring such a specific behavior and the scarcity of tests that guaranteed a good measurement. However, the research carried out in recent years allows us to have measures of (dis)honesty from elementary levels to very detailed classifications of different types of dishonest behavior and significant implications in the business environment.

It is an essential issue for all companies, but especially for companies related to gambling, collecting money, repairing slot machines or ATMs, bars or discotheques, security companies. Many companies assume, in the best of cases, significant costs to control that their workers do not have “bad temptations”, or at worst, assume a cost on their profits because of the money their employees “take” illegally and it is complicated to control. From Behave4 we have developed a methodology that will allow companies to improve their work environment by including honesty as a relevant variable in three different ways:

a) As an individual product to be able to measure the workers that are already in the company;

b) Being able to include our product as part of the traditional personnel selection processes;

c) Within our “professional profile” to measure dishonest behavior together with a series of more than 30 preferences such as trust, risk aversion, long-run orientation, etc.

From Behave4 we believe that it is time to go further and be able to have in our companies, not only the workers with higher capacity, more efficient or with greater productivity but also the most honest workers.

Are you hiring honest people right now? And what is most important, are you measuring it? If not, you have to take into account that it will be one of the keys to successful companies in the near future.

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